At Ballymena Today we feel like our Music Tuesday blog posts have introduced some of our readers to some home grown musicians and showcased some excellent talent. Today however our artist doesn’t really need an introduction from us – it is the one and only Van Morrison. The Belfast born singer has cheered us up on this gloomy day because we have been listening to his classic album Moondance and are especially enjoying “Glad Tidings”. In a world where we will undoubtedly be forced to listen to the same old Christmas hits in every supermarket, shop and car we are in for the next few weeks it has been lovely to asdd this hit to our office playlist.
Have a listen and thank us later:

And just incase that isn’t enough here are a few alternative versions of some of our favourite Christmas songs. We are saying no to Bublé and turning Mariah off in favour of these tunes.

Sufjan Stevens – Songs for Christmas

James Brown – James Brown’s Funky Christmas

Vince Guaraldi – Charlie Brown Christmas Album

And you just can never beat the Phil Spector Christmas Album – its our all time favourite.

So even if you are behind with your Christmas shopping, don’t fit into your Christmas Jumper, and cant stand Turkey – surely these songs will put a festive smile upon your face. Let us at Ballymena.Today know which Christmas songs cheer your heart this festive season.