Afternoon Tea in Ballymena is the perfect cheeky treat. The Creamery Can has just introduced their Afternoon Tea menu and we are very excited.

Afternoon Tea in Ballymena

If you don’t know anything about this little hidden gem in Glarryford, outside Ballymena then here is some information from their website:

Afternoon Tea in Ballymena

Everything on our menu has been baked on site using fresh local ingredients. This way we can stand over every product and give customers confidence and satisfaction in what we supply. Of course this takes time and effort but we believe it’s worth it!

We are a family business – run by a family to create a wider family of customers who, like us, believe in quality ingredients and home made goodness. The dream has always been to re-create what happens any day round the Reid family kitchen table with friends and family. Where the aroma of freshly baked scones or savoury dishes is common place. A sense of hearth and home. A place where folk can gather and share good food and good conversation.

And just check out that Afternoon Tea menu. What is better than a cuppa and good food on a wet weekend. Click here to find out more about the Creamery Can from their website.

At the Creamery Can is in Glarryford outside of Ballymena they are open for business from 9-5 every Monday to Saturday. Find them located in Glarryford just off the A26 which is experiencing roadworks at the moment but don’t worry, access to the Creamery Can is still easy and available.

If you are interested in trying their Afternoon Tea menu then book by calling 07840120200.