Our Ballymena Today youth team have paid a visit to Middletown Coffee on Lower Mill Street in Ballymena. Lets see what they have to say:

I’ve been travelling again – this time somewhere a bit closer to home… Middletown Coffee! It is a fairly new coffee shop here in Ballymena. But firstly, where does the name come from? Well, “Ballymena” actually means “Middle Town”!

Middletown Coffee - Ballymena Today Youth Team

I have been there 3 or 4 times now, but it never seems to get old! The last time I went was with Cherry (again!), a few Saturdays ago.
As soon as we walked in, you could smell all the different types of coffee filtering (pardon the pun) through your nostrils! We had to then face the problem of finding a place to sit – in fact; it was so busy that we thought we would have to go somewhere else again! However, soon after we ordered our (amazing) hot chocolates at the counter, we managed to find a nice wee spot at the end of a long table.

At Middletown, you can get coffee (their specialty), tea, breakfast, lunches, snacks and cold drinks, as well as amazing service! Every time I go in there, the men at the counter are always smiling, making you feel really welcome! They take your order, and if you’re not sure which specific type of coffee bean to get, they will recommend one that they maybe like – and I must admit they are bang on the money when it comes to choosing great coffee!

Middletown Coffee - Ballymena Today Youth Team
Middletown was the first place that I ever got a Chemex. Wondering what a Chemex is? It’s a way of filtering coffee that makes it to absolute perfection! The first time I got it, I was with my dad – and we got about 6 cups out of a single Chemex! You put in the coffee granules into the top part which has filter paper in it, pour in the water (it has to be done a certain way or else it doesn’t really work as well) and the coffee drips into the bottom of the Chemex. Mmmmm……… Lovely‼ I also got a salted caramel brownie the first time I was there, and to give a general idea of what they are like: it was huge, chocolatey and really, really tasty!
At Middletown there are loads of different varieties of coffee flavours, ranging from coffee from Costa Rica, to Kenya, to Columbia! My favourite has a really long name, and it’s called ‘Costa Rica Farami De Dota: Red Honey Catuai’ – or just “Farami” for short! All you coffee-lovers out there should give it a shot!
So overall, Middletown is such a great place to maybe meet up with a friend, a place to go after school and type up homework, or just go to try out the coffee! It has such a relaxed atmosphere as soon as you walk into the room, and so I will definitely be going again sometime!
But what about you? You ready to hit Middletown Coffee?

Find out more from the Middletown Coffee Co website.