This years Farm Business Data planning handbook has been released and is available online at the DARD website.

Northern Ireland Farm Handbook and Farming Insurance

Here are some details of what is included:

‘Farm Business Data 2016’ will be a valuable source of information for farmers, their professional advisors, those undertaking formal training in agriculture or anyone who requires planning and budgetary data relating to farming in the north of Ireland. The role of ‘Farm Business Data’ is to provide a comprehensive and authoritative source of physical and financial information that is tailored to farm planning needs here.

Budgets for all the crop and livestock enterprises commonly found in Northern Ireland are presented in the handbook. A section on Farm Support Schemes details the operation of selected schemes such as the Basic Payment Scheme.

A range of useful information in the ‘Miscellaneous’ section includes a summary of nitrates and phosphorous regulations. It also includes details on taxation, fixed costs, machinery costs, hire charges, contractors’ charges, conacre rents and key DARD contact points. (Source)

If you would like to view a copy of this document online then please Click here.

Farming Insurance

Another thing that farmers simply cant do without is Farming insurance. For the everyday running of your farm, and everything in between from unexpected events, or getting protected against rural crime. It is vital that you have the correct insurance for your farm. One local firm which offers help and advice about Farming insurance is McCarrol McConnell in Pennybridge in Ballymena. If you have any questions or are looking for farming insurance that suits your then give them a call on 028 25653053 or call in to their Ballymena office.