Grove Veterinary Centre in Ballymena are located on the Grove Road. They have a great website with a blog which is regularly updated. It is designed to help pet owners and animal lovers care and keep up to date with animal news. Recently the had a spotlight on keeping Rabbits as pets. Do you know anyone who has a pet rabbit? If so they would find this article very useful!

Ballymena Vet blogs about Pet Rabbits

Ballymena Vet blogs about Pet Rabbits

Here at Grove Vets we see lots of animals from rabbits, to cats and dogs , horses and farm animals. We love meeting people and their beloved animals. We write lots of articles here on Grove Vets blog about cats and dogs, the most popular pets but we also want to write for other Ballymena pet owners. This month we want to look at health advice for people who own rabbits.

Rabbits are brilliant pets and are quite easy to care for however they can be prone to several conditions.


Rabbits are relatively delicate animals, which can be prone to a range of common and sometimes complicated diseases and conditions, regardless of how well that they are cared for. Rabbits are good at masking symptoms but here are some ways to keep your rabbit fit and happy:

● Check them for signs of pain, illness, injury or changes in behaviour every day. Talk to Grove Vets if you suspect any problems.

● Book your rabbit in for an annual vet health check and regular vaccinations.

● Check your rabbits bottom and tail area every day to make sure they are clean. You should also check the length of their nails and teeth every week to make sure they’re not too long.

● Get your rabbit neutered so you don’t end up with unwanted babies. This also keeps them healthy and reduces the risk of rabbits fighting with each other.

For more information about caring for rabbits click here to read more from the RSPCA. Call Grove Vets in Ballymena to get help, a check up and advice about caring for your rabbits.