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Last weekend, on Saturday September 10th, was World Suicide Prevention Day. Mens Health website shared this moving video which is worth sharing with all the men you know. Take a look below: – video about Mens Mental Health

Globally, the rate of suicide is alarmingly high, particularly in men. Around the world, on average we lose a man to suicide every minute of every day. This is a social crisis that demands our immediate action.

The intention of this campaign from the Movember Foundation is to give male suicide the urgent attention it deserves and to take a bold stand towards protecting men’s health.

It’s all about igniting conversations. Important conversations about suicide, the complex issues that surround it and what everyone can do to address it. Conversations that we hope will save countless lives and prevent the far-reaching and painful consequences for the families, friends and communities of the men we tragically lose everyday. It’s an uncomfortable conversation, but it’s one we know we need to have.

Too many men are ‘toughing it out’, keeping their feelings to themselves and struggling alone with their issues. It’s time to break this silence and recognise that a key to overcoming even the biggest problems is for men to talk more. Not about trivial stuff, but about the significant changes and challenges going on in their lives – things like difficulties with work or finances, the breakdown of a relationship, overwhelming family responsibilities or a significant set back. These things happen regularly and, for some, have the potential to derail or be more overwhelming than they’d imagined.

Please click here to read more about Movember and their work.

This campaign is directed solely at men but we know that suicidal thoughts and difficult times can effect both men and women. In Ballymena there are people like the volunteers at Turning Point NI, and Samaritans to help. Turning Point NI is a community network to help individuals who are having suicidal thoughts a place to go when in crisis for guidance and support – click here to visit their Facebook Page or call them on 028 2564 8229. share video about Mens Mental Health

Or if you are struggling to cope and need someone to talk to then you can also call Samaritans on 028 2565 0000. Please do not suffer in silence, these volunteers are waiting to listen to you.