Ballymena Today Youth Team made a visit to Chocoa. It is a new local business which can be found on the beautiful Greenvale Street in Ballymena. Read what our Youth Team thought below:

Ballymena Today Youth Team visit Chocoa
During the Summer Holidays, I was making use of my much-loved free time – and so I basically lived in coffee shops all that past month!
One of the coffee shops that I went to was called Chocoa. Chocoa, Ballymena, is located on Greenvale Street, just between the Fairhill and the Tower Centre, therefore it is a very tempting place to stop after all that hard shopping! It has been open since the beginning of July, so I don’t know how I didn’t get there sooner!

Ballymena Today Youth Team visit Chocoa

In case you were wondering, Chocoa is a “Couture Chocolate House” – or in other words, it does chocolate! And a lot of it‼
I recently went to Chocoa with a friend. As soon as we walked in, we were gobsmacked by the amazing selection of delicacies up for offer! They had everything chocolately, ranging from dark, milk and white hot chocolates, chocolate croissants, cheesecakes, chocolate muffins, chocolate truffles, chocolate crème brûlée pyramids… need I continue? They also do all-day snacks, such as a Chocoa fondue for two, porridge and toast (I’m sure chocolate can be added, if you really want). They also do coffees and herbal teas, such as peppermint, chamomile and Aasam breakfast tea.
So in other words, I could literally go on forever about the choice. However, after a while, my friend and I finally decided on what we would go for – I went for an Orange Chocolate Milk Smoothie, and she went for a Chocolate Mint Milk Smoothie and a triple chocolate muffin (heated)!

What is a ‘milk smoothie’, you ask? Well, they are basically delicious chocolate milkshakes in a flavour of your choice. The hardest bit for me was choosing which flavour! They had Turkish Delight, Ferrero Rocher, Chocolate Mint, Banoffee Pie, Macaroon, Sweet Coconut, Orange Chocolate, Black Forest Gateau, Lemon Pie and Salted Caramel flavour! And the best thing was that it was full of flavour, and tasted absolutely delicious – and the huge, chocolatey muffin was to die for‼
From the moment we walked in we were given 100% service. They made our visit very enjoyable, and I must say that I will definitely be going again‼
Are you a chocolate lover? If so, why not give Chocoa in Ballymena a visit?