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How to tidy up your room in five minutes

Our Ballymena Today youth team know better than anyone that when the half term holidays happen you are sure to be asked to do this chore . . . . Tidy your room. But no one wants to waste good time off school doing housework, so Elizabeth from our Ballymena Today youth team give you the low down on how to get the job done. So take 5 minutes and please your parents at the same time – here is “How to tidy up your room in five minutes “.

How to tidy up your room in five minutes

Eugh…tidying your room.

Why do that when there are so many other things that you could be doing? To be honest with you I never really know how my room gets so messy – it just does. I would rather be out with my friends than tidying my room so I have developed a useful ‘skill’ to help me tidy it up quickly and efficiently. This method works even better than stuffing everything under your bed. If you want you can put music on in the background to keep you focused and to help speed you up.

How to tidy up your room in five minutes
This is what our bedroom should look like, right?

Set your stopwatch:
Minute 1 – clear up your clothes that are scattered over your floor. And let’s be honest for a second we all have ‘The Chair’. Yes that’s right…the one that is sky-high piled up with clothes. Why not sort it out? Put the dirty clothes in the wash and the clean ones back in your drawers.

How to tidy up your room in five minutes
Top Tip: Grab clutter and tidy it into a cute storage box.

Minute 2– tidy up your ‘table-tops’. If you have a desk in your room make sure all your pens are in a pencil case or a desk tidy. Put books in a bookshelf and tidy away any loose pages or rubbish left lying around your room.

Minute 3 – hoover the floor. Depending on the size of your floor, time may vary, but this helps your room to look even cosier. If you have a wooden floor use a brush and put the rubbish in the bin.
Minute 4 – empty your room, as in clear out any dishes in your room e.g. mugs or bowls and empty your bin. Don’t forget to empty your bin – this is the first place your parents will look!

Final minute (phew!) – make your bed. This simple step can change the overall appearance of your room in less than a minute. If you feel like there is no time to tuck in your sheets, at least adjust the duvet or throw blanket over the top to make it look neat.
Thank you for reading and I hope that your bedroom will be neat and tidy after this. If you have more time you can do some dusting or organise your shelves etc.