The Ballymena Today Youth team are looking forward to Christmas – here are their Christmas preparations.
The festive season that is Christmas has now arrived, so now is the time to get into the Christmas spirit. There are so many essential traditions that need to happen before you can really experience this.

Christmas Preparations - Ballymena Today Youth Team


Fairy lights, Christmas trees, sparkles and tinsel. Nothing screams cosy Christmas like these do. So why not grab those decorations out of the attic and transform your house?

Tasty treats

Some typical foods that you should definitely try to bake are gingerbread houses, mince pies and yule logs – but why not add a twist? Mix it up a little! Why not try make Christmas tree brownies or a Terry’s chocolate orange cheesecake. You can find some super cute things on Pinterest and online too!

Drink it up

Nothing says Christmas like hot chocolate, covered with cream and topped with mountains of mallows and sprinkles of flake just for that extra decoration. Go all out and treat yourself – it’s Christmas!

Shop till you drop

Why not head to the shopping centre and buy all of your Christmas presents a little ahead of the game “while stocks last.” Go check out my shopping tips post and follow our Facebook and Instagram to keep posted with different offers and gifts that are currently on offer around the town.

Stop procrastinating and start stalling

No…not stalling as in a car, but stalling as in going to the annual continental market. It’s held in Belfast every year and is full of delicious foods, crepe stalls, hotdogs, and pizza – the works! Why not make an event out of it and grab a group of friends and all visit the stalls together?

Curl up

Grab your comfiest, most softest blanket, festive slipper socks, warm drink and cuddle up in front of the fire and read a book or watch your favourite film – a Christmas one or not. Lazing around is what Christmas was made for, so embrace it!

Wrap n’ roll

Personally, I gave up on wrapping ages ago. I could never get the bows right and always left the price tags on the presents and had to end up unwrapping them all and rewrapping them again. So, to avoid all of that stress, I just use cute bags and boxes (yes I’m lazy) but nevertheless go and grab a box of sweets, play some cheesy Christmas tunes and have a ball.

Friendly banter

Get a group together (or even just with your best friend) and partake in some gingerbread house decorating or cookie baking. Make some hot chocolate and watch your favourite movie. You could throw a party or even just have a chilled sleepover. All of these are good ways to enjoy yourself.
I hope these have helped motivate you to get in the Christmas cheer. Happy holidays!