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Digital? Hardly anyone’s actually doing it

Very few organisations have become truly agile. Regardless of the hype over the shift to ‘digital’, hardly any organisations have actually made the shift.

– Quote: Steve Hamilton BMC software – source

We have written in simple terms about ‘digital’ media, social media and blogging since we started this thing. I’ve personally been writing about it, mulling it over and talking to people about it in some shape or form for 12+ years.

The above quote was like a punch in the face. In a good way. If a punch in the face can ever be good.

We need to wake up

I’m not sure how many ‘business’ people in Ballymena will read this, maybe none will. I guess there’s a great irony in that fact. Perhaps we need a better way to sit you down and speak directly to you about how you are so far behind the curve that a solution is now going to be difficult.

Digital? In Ballymena? We need to wake up.

Too many of us have flirted with ideas, concepts, e-commerce, blogs, videos, social media accounts, new initiatives…

But, our town and borough is full of children who understand digital far better than business owners, community leaders and officials.

It’s really not good enough.

Community is a great buzz word that I’m guilty of throwing around in conversation but, if you build a house out of Custard Creams, it’s not house… it’s just a pile of biscuits.

So, where do we go from here?

I’m not sure. Stop fumbling around for quick-fixes. That would be a great start.

But, this much I know. Digital? In Ballymena? Hardly anyone’s actually doing it.