Foodbanks in Ballymena organised the collection and distribution of food to families in the Ballymena area who are in crisis. Ballymena foodbank can supply three days of emergency food and are supported by local schools, churches and businesses who often donate food for others. Here are some interesting stats from the Ballymena Foodbank Facebook page:

A Foodbank year runs alongside a financial year, from April – March. However, just to give you an idea of how many people Ballymena foodbank fed during the year of 2016….

353 families:-
554 adults
334 children

A total of 893 people!

Well done Ballymena area. You make us so proud to be able to help.

Foodbanks - Ballymena

Foodbanks – Ballymena

Thank you to all who contribute and volunteer to this organisation. Foodbank works using a voucher referral system. In order to get help from a foodbank, you will need a voucher issued by local agencies. – Find out more. There are two foodbanks in the Ballymena area. To find the one nearest to you click here.

We will leave you with this touching poem, which was shared on the Ballymena Foodbank facebook page from the Trussell Trust, written by a foodbank client:


I know what it’s like to use the same teabag twice
To cut the mould from the bread, to rescue a slice
I didn’t ever think I would be in such a mess
While working full-time for a living, while suffering from illness and stress

I choose to work to pay my own way
But have no spare money at the end of the day
The cupboards and fridge are empty what else can I do?
Throwing my three elderly pets on the street?- It just wouldn’t do.

I don’t have a partner for support, the children have grown and left home
No luxuries do I have that I can call my own
I do not have a plasma screen TV
No tumble drier here for me
No plush leather sofa or latest mobile phone, no holiday do I take or house do I own

So swallow my pride I know I must do
So I visited the foodbank who welcomed me within
As I wiped the tears from my face rolling down my chin,
Foodbank volunteers greeted me with a smile, sat me down with a cup of tea

I began to chat and told of my dismay
At finding myself at the foodbank today
Not a penny in my purse that I could offer to pay
“What more could I say?”
“It’s alright”, the lady said as I was handed a tissue
Don’t look at being here as such an issue
So privileged and grateful I felt as I was provided with food- as if heaven sent

To have food on the table this cold winter’s day
Is very much appreciated I’m humbled to say
Foodbank, I thank you for helping me today.

Ballymena Foodbank offers an important service to vulnerable people. Please head over to their facebook page and have a look at the local businesses and organisations who have been contributing food and consider helping this valuable organisation.