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Ballymena spirit of generosity

The fire

It’s been a couple of weeks since the shocking fire on Broughshane Street in Ballymena.  Over fifty firefighters tackled the fire which spread quickly and devastated several buildings.

The Ballymena Today team have been really encouraged to see and hear stories of the local business community coming together to support one another. Woodgreen Furniture where the fire began, posted an update on social media this week to say they were operating temporarily on the other side of the street. Some of the other businesses affected have also been able to get back to business really quickly with the help and support of people around the town.

We love this display of togetherness and support.

How community reacts

This is how community should react and responds in difficult circumstances. With a spirit of generosity. Kindness. Giving.

Our town has endured some difficult times of late. There are thousands of job losses in manufacturing still on the horizon for Ballymena. It might be too easy to wallow in negativity and be down about what the future holds.

The reaction of local businesses, especially those directly affected by the fire has been a terrific reminder to us that facing difficult times head on and helping each other is possible.

We hope in the coming weeks and months as Ballymena works its way through employment challenges, that people will stand together, work together and help one another.

The reaction to the fire on Broughshane Street is a reminder that we can unite with each and keep building real community. No matter how difficult our circumstances may be.