Do you make a marvellous meringue? The perfect pie? A super winter soup? Do your kids cook up a storm at the weekend? If you do then we at Ballymena Today would like to hear from you.


We love food and we know that the folks of Ballymena know a good feed when they see it. So if you have a famous home made recipe then lets make it the talk of the town!


Just go ahead and send us the following

1: A list of the ingredients and their quantities
2: A description of how you made the recipe
3: Some photographs of the process
4: Your name and location [not your full address & only your first name is enough if you prefer]

We don’t mind at all if the recipe is not 100% your own invention but, would love you to tell us where your recipe came from to help us give credit to the creator and remain transparent. So, if its a Fanny Cradock recipe, don’t be shy…..tell us……her Roux sauce is a classic!

Simply click here and email us! We look forward to trying out your recipes.

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