Running has really gathered momentum in Ballymena over the past few years thanks to the work of Ballymena Runners. Ballymena Runners helped establish Ecos parkrun in 2012. Runners of all ages and abilities turn up on a Saturday morning and have a go at the course which winds its way around Ecos park. They stay on for refreshments and a chat and it is organised each week by the runners themselves. It is free to join in and you just need to register once online at

If you have been running for years or are looking for something to motivate you to improve your fitness then head down to the Ecos parkrun. Here are some stats from the Ecos parkrun webpage. It started on 31st March 2012, and in its first three years 1,970 different runners have completed 12,677 runs covering a total distance of 63,385 km.

Incredible. The Ecos parkrun is on every Saturday morning at 9.30 and all runners and walkers are timed meaning that you can track your progress and strive to beat it with a personal best! Follow the Ecos parkrun on Facebook to see photos, keep up with news and get all the updates about weather, occasionally it has to be cancelled on safety grounds because of ice. Well done to all the people who take part in this and especially to all the people who volunteer making the route safe, the atmosphere friendly and the event a great success.