Ballymena foster carer support group have been included in a list of charities and organisations which Lidl will be supporting over this year. 32 Projects were selected to be part of the Lidl Community works and they will benefit from support which totals £200,000.

Lidl supports Ballymena foster carer support group

Here is what Lidl say:

We believe that it’s important to give back something to the communities we’re part of and last year we delivered “Random Acts of Kindness” to over 350 community groups right across Northern Ireland. This year Lidl Community Works asked you, our customers, to nominate a new set of community groups to support….. Keep an eye on our weekly leaflet and in-store notice board for updates on how we are helping the groups.

To read the full list of projects being supported by Lidl click here.

The Ballymena Foster Carers Support Group support families of over 200 children in foster care in the area. The group meets quarterly and you can contact them by calling 028 2563 5110. Foster carer support groups offer help, advice and training to foster carers and their families and provide an opportunity to share ideas on parenting. Supporting our foster families is as important as supporting the children into which they are placed.

Well done to the Ballymena foster carer support group and to Lidl for supporting this great organisation from Ballymena.