There are lots of dogs looking for a home at the Dogs Trust in Ballymena. There are lots of reasons why rehoming a dogs trust dog from the Ballymena rehoming centre would be a great thing to do. Here are some reasons we think that you should consider;

  • Having a dog will get you outdoors and active with daily walks.
  • Your dog will provide loyal, unconditional company.
  • Playing with your dog can increase chemicals in you body which make you more happy and relaxed.
  • Caring for another living thing can give your life more meaning.
  • Pet owners are less likely to suffer from depression than folks who don’t have pets.
  • Having a dog can boost your immunity.
  • Having a dog can make you feel safe, with their super sense of smell and hearing they are likely to notice things you wont.
  • Having a dog can help you meet new people, for example, on your regular morning walk.

If you still need to be convinced then check out these doggie profiles which are updated regularly by the Dogs Trust Ballymena team.


There are lots of breeds to choose from and they all vary in age. The Dogs Trust team can help  you to pick the best dog for your lifestyle and home life. Each dog is microchipped and has been looked over by a vet before you get the chance to meet them. The rehoming process can take as little at seven days to complete and you will get to take them home with a Dogs Trust lead and collar. To see more doggie profiles from Ballymena click here.

Call 028 2565 2977 to get in touch with the Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre in Ballymena.