Ladysmith Pet Supplies are proudly sponsoring a Bird Sale and Trade Show at Broughshane Community Centre, Knockan Road, Broughshane on Saturday 23rd August.

Get down there early as the doors open at 8.00am or call in throughout the day to see the birds which are available. Cages, feed and other bird related products will be available. Refreshments will also be available. The Bird Sale and Trade Show in Broughshane will be a great day out for anyone who loves keeping birds.

Don’t forget to call in with Ladysmith Pet Supplies in Ballymena and Portglenone to see their range of birds, parrots and other pet and supplies. In Ballymena you will find Ladysmith Pet Supplies at Ladymith Terrace and in the new premises at 63b Warden Street. In Portglenone Ladysmith Pet Supplies are located at 42a Main Street. Click here to follow Ladysmith Pet Supplies on Facebook.