The Braid Real Music Club will welcome Bronagh Gallagher to Ballymena this Saturday. The actress and singer was born in Derry and is coming to Ballymena to perform an acoustic gig with Conor Brady to promote her latest album. Read a review of the new album here written by Ralph McLean at Culture Northern Ireland.

Like all good songwriters, Bronagh Gallagher’s work hints at the kind of self lacerating honesty you find at the heart of all good art. Filled with sharp, hook laden songs performed with real passion, Bronagh Gallagher suggests a real talent with plenty of things to say. The work of a precious soul indeed. Ralph McLean

Have a listen to this live performance of Love will find you.

Tickets cost £10 and are available here. Doors open at 7.30pm and it is sure to be a wonderful night with the music of Bronagh Gallagher at the Braid Real Music Club in Ballymena.