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Prevent Rural Crime on your Farm – Tools and Equipment

As a farmer in Ballymena you have enough to keep you busy without worrying about rural crime. But with crime on farms on the increase protecting you machinery, livestock and equipment is more necessary now than ever before.

Photo Credit: J E Theriot; Creative Commons
Photo Credit: J E Theriot; Creative Commons

Here is advice on how to ensure that your tools and farm equipment is protected;

  • Never leave your keys in the ignition – an opportunistic thief might not be able to resist.
  • Try to avoid leaving machinery out overnight unless it is in your farm yard or somewhere you can keep an eye on it.
  • Mark all of your machinery with your postcode and house/farm name. This not only acts as deterrent to thieves, but also helps return stolen property if it is then recovered.
  • Keep an inventory of tools, note down their serial numbers, and take a photo where possible.
  • Always keep tools locked away when they are not in use. As well as being taken away, they could be used to gain access to secured premises.
  • Never leave ladders lying around near to your house or buildings because they only make it easier for thieves to gain access.
  • Fit alarms and security lights that can alert you to an intruder to outbuildings that contain equipment.
  • If you have a lot of equipment parked on site, install a basic CCTV system with warning signs to deter thieves.

Rural Crime has become an unwelcome problem in the farming community. Be vigilant and mention any worries you have or anything unusual which you have noticed to your fellow farmers allowing you to look out for each other too. Click here to read more information about preventing rural crime on your farm from Ballymena Today.