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Prevent Rural Crime on your Farm – Your Livestock

As a farmer in Ballymena your livestock is a valuable asset and for that reason criminal have targeted farms and stolen livestock to sell. Rural crime is a real problem and is on the increase.

Photo Credit: John McIntyre; Creative Commons
Photo Credit: John McIntyre; Creative Commons

We have already blogged some advice about how to stop criminals from targeting your farm here. Here is some advice shared by a police force in England about how to protect your livestock.

  • Keep an eye on you fences, make sure there are no weak spots or potential opportunities for someone to break in or something to break out.
  • Know you livestock – keep records and all paperwork.
  • Ear-tag, horn-brand or tattoo you livestock with your postcode or and ID number.
  • Keep valuable livestock as close to your farmyard as you can.
  • Be vigilant – keep an eye out for anyone who is snooping around or acting suspiciously and share the information with others and if necessary – the police.

Your farm is your livelihood and losing a herd of animals could be a disaster for many small farms. Do all that you can to ensure that your farm is secure and protected against rural crime.