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PSNI Ballymena warn motorists about tyre checks

Ballymena Tyres provide a professional service to Ballymena motorists who are looking for new tyres or advice about their existing tyres.

Photo Credit: Tyler Nienhouse; Creative Commons
Photo Credit: Tyler Nienhouse; Creative Commons

PSNI Ballymena have shared this information about tyres on their Facebook page.

Police will be paying closer attention to the condition of vehicle tyres across the next while. With darker nights and wetter weather coming in, now is the time to make sure you vehicle is road worthy. The minimum legal tyre tread depth is 1.6 mm and your tyres must be in good condition. Police can issue a fine if your tyres do not meet these requirements. Or worse still, you could end up in a collision because your vehicle is not road worthy.

Don’t take chances with road safety. If you are unsure how to check your tyre tread then take your car along to the team at Ballymena Tyres who can check for you and help you plan when you may need to change your tyres. Ballymena Tyres have a massive variety of tyres to suit all budgets and vehicles. Call them on 028 2565 2518 or drive on in if you are passing Warden Street. The Ballymena Tyres team are here to help you get professional advice and avoid a police fine.