Speedclean are a Ballymena business offering cleaning services to all. Speedclean support both local commercial businesses, landlords and domestic homes with their professional cleaning services. They offer a wide variety of services to lots of different customers. Here is some information from the Speedclean Ballymena Website:

  • Hotels

We offer a fully comprehensive cleaning service. We have specialist equipment which will clean upholstery and carpets leaving them fit for your customers.

  • Business Premises

As you are busy dealing with your customers you don’t want your premises to let you down. A professional business deserves a clean and welcoming workspace. Speedclean offer cleaning contracts or a one off visit to tackle dirty carpets and give your premises a deep clean.

  • Home Owners

If you have a busy home and have lots of family commitments then people, pets and kids can take their toll on your furniture and flooring.  Often people try to tackle these cleaning projects on their own but Speedclean offers a good service at a good price which will freshen up your home and clean any unsightly stains. We have all the professional equipment to take on the task which saves you from having to hire expensive equipment and cleaning products.

  • Letting Agencies

Both tenants and landlords use the Speedclean cleaning service to get their properties clean. Tenants can benefit from a professional clean before they move out, or landlords can employ our services to keep their rented premises in good order. If you are selling or letting a home or property a deep clean might be necessary to ensure that it is at it’s most attractive to potential tenants.

Cleaning Services - Ballymena

Photo Credit: Laura D’Alessandro; Creative Commons

Speedclean Ballymena offer mat rental and also work for private clients cleaning domestic homes, caravans and other properties.

If you would like to talk about a cleaning project or contract which Speedclean Cleaning in Ballymena simply lift the telephone and give Speedclean Ballymena a call on 028 2565 0399 or 07851 754487.