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Tortoises – Are they a good pet?

Ladysmith Pet Supplies in Ballymena sell tortoises and think that they can be a great pet. Here is all you need to know before buying your tortoise from Ladysmith Pet Supplies.

Photo Credit: simon_music; Creative Commons
Photo Credit: simon_music; Creative Commons
  • Tortoises can live for a long time. Some are recorded as living for 60 years so bear that in mind before you take the plunge.
  • Tortoises, like any pet, do need to be cared for so think about who will look after it when you are away.
  • Some tortoises require indoor and outdoor enclosures to keep them happy and healthy
  • Tortoises eat non-toxic weeds and flowers. Their diet can be supplemented with vegetables.
  • The tortoise enclosure need a thorough clean every 2-3 weeks.
  • Your tortoise will naturally hibernate in the winter.
  • A tortoise is a reptile and wont do tricks, or show affection in the same way other animals like puppies would.

Call in and see some tortoises at Ladysmith Pet Supplies before you make your decision and if you decide to buy one then they have all the equipment and enclosures that you need. Tortoises are an interesting pet and if you are considering adding one to your household call Ladysmith Pet Supplies on 028 2564 1804.