Ballymena School Cambridge House has a Technology Club which runs each week. Pupils gather after school on a Monday or a Thursday in the Technology room to build a computer game.

This term the Technology Club are building a basic computer game similar to ‘Pong’ – a classic tennis game which can be plugged into a television and controlled by two paddles. The group had three projects which they could choose from and the majority voted for the computer game. The group has pupils from year 8 who are learning skills like soldering, identifying components and using computer programmes like SolidWords for the very first time. Older pupils from years 9 and 10 are building on what they have been taught in class.

Everybody has been working on their computer games for a few weeks and hope to be finished before Christmas. We at Ballymena Today cant wait to see the finished product and then the retro tennis battles can commence.

Click here to find out more about Cambridge House Grammar School. Well done to all the pupils and staff at Cambridge House Grammar School who are involved in the Technology Club.