Ballymena Tyres warned us here at Ballymena Today about the danger of buying part worn tyres. Part Worn tyres are tyres which have already been used.


They are often tempting as they seem cheaper than new tyres but is it worth putting you and your family at risk. have this video to get you informed:

Part worn tyres are a false economy which come cheaper but offer a lot less than a brand new tyre. On part worn tyres your breaking distances are decreased, and most importantly you can never be sure of what you are actually getting. If you require new tyres for your car or bike and are tempted by the price difference between new and part worn tyres then call in at Ballymena Tyres and let them show you their range of new tyres. They have affordable tyres which should suit any budget and, more importantly, can be proved as safe and roadworthy. Avoid part worn tyres and call in with Ballymena Tyres for advice.