Roald Dahl’s “Esio Trot” is one of our favourite books here at Ballymena Today and we were very excited to watch the BBC adaptation this Christmas. Dustin Hoffman and Dame Judi Dench starred in the quirky tale which watches two neighbours from a relationship with the help of a few tortoises.




Narrated by James Corden the “Esio Trot” takes the simple tale and adds a few extra characters, twist and turns to produce a charming love story. Mr Hoppy (played by Hoffman) falls in love with his neighbour Mrs Silver (Ms. Dench) and he pulls out all the stops to make her happy. What is the one thing that would make Mrs Silver happy? Mrs Silver would love her beloved tortoise Alfie to grow. What comes next is an adventure involving ingenuity, cunning and lots of four legged friends.

If you didn’t see it on BBC one then you might just have time to catch it on the BBC i-player. We loved “Esio Trot” and are sure that lots of you will be thinking about picking up a little tortoise friend after watching. A tortoise is a great pet as they are easy to handle and happy to live indoors. Some hibernate throughout the winter and they can live for anywhere from 50 to 100 years. Read more about tortoises here or click here and get in touch with Ladysmith Pet supplies