Sign Language is a new skill which many Ballymena people learn each year. Why do we think that learning sign language is important? Click here and take a look at this video.

Ballymena Today loves Sign Language


10-year-old Yesenia Diosdada saw paramedics trying to rescue a hearing impaired woman who had been injured in a car crash, and immediately knew how to help. Yesenia was playing nearby, and realised that the lady in the car couldn’t communicate with first-responders. We love the bravery and skill shown by this young girl. Read more about this great story here.

The Northern Regional College in Ballymena run Sign Language courses each year. The next intake isn’t until September so that gives you plenty of time to consider taking up a new skill. The course runs for one year and covers basic sign language skills which can be used when communicating to those with no or limited hearing. Click here to find out more about day and evening courses which are available through the NRC in Ballymena which include sign language.