Local Ballymena business Wooden it be great sell chopping boards and a wide range of hand crafted wooden products. Recently in the Ballymena Today office we enjoyed homemade sausage rolls displayed on our Wooden it be great handcrafted board. The prodcuts are made here in Ballymena and where possible locally sources wood is used.

Wooden It Be Great Chopping Board - Ballymena

Here is the story of this local Ballymena business:

Wooden It Be Great was created by Roger and Ginny Watson who live just outside Ballymena in Northern Ireland.
Before returning to Northern Ireland, they lived in the Lake District in Cumbria where Roger, a talented carpenter, worked mainly on restoration projects. While there they went on a bread baking course and Roger continues to bake bread at every opportunity – trying out all sorts of different recipes! But not only is he passionate about baking bread, he also has a passion for all things wooden! Unable to find a good bread board in any of the local shops, he decided to make one himself. Friends loved what they saw and orders started coming in….. and this is how Wooden It Be Great started!

Our range of products is designed with functionality and versatility in mind so as well as bread boards, the range now includes chopping boards, cheese boards, pizza boards, meat boards, napkin rings, cooling trays, wooden crates in a variety of sizes, utensil holders and serving platters – a great way to prepare food and take it straight to the table. It’s all about sharing and enjoying great food together!

All of our products are handcrafted with love in our workshop and finished to the highest standard. The boards are all made of hardwood, such as oak and coated with linseed oil. This protects and seals the boards – so they should be used everyday – they are made to last!
Click here to view the Wooden it be great website to browse their products and find out more about this great local Ballymena business.