Grove Vets in Ballymena has a team of vets and veterinary nurses who work hard to keep your pet happy and healthy. Veterinary Nursing is a career which is rewarding, offers lots of variety and is perfect for someone who loves animals and working with people. At Grove Vets the Nursing team is headed up by Janice and they carry out lots of vital procedures in the veterinary practice.

Veterinary Nurse - Ballymena

The nurses health clinics at Grove Vets in Ballymena offer the following:
• Free dental check-up
• Free dietary/weight management consultation
• Suture removal
• Post neutering check-up
• Dressing/bandage changes
• Identichipping
• Routine 2nd part puppy and kitten vaccinations
• Nail clipping
• Worm/flea treatment and advice

Veterinarian Nurses work alongside vets and in a busy practice like Grove Vets that means that, along with the Nurses clinic, they have lots to do. To train as a Veterinarian Nurse you need to have both vocational training and attend a university that offers qualifications approved by The Royal College of Veterinarian Surgeons. Training is quite intensive and takes between two to three years. A large proportion of that will be spent getting hands on training in a vets practice.

The team at Grove Vets help with every thing from assisting surgery, taking x-rays to giving the animals a wash.

If you have a pet and live in Ballymena then give Grove Vets a ring on o28 25656023 if you need to book an appointment. The Grove Vets team have been providing care for pets in Ballymena for years.