Ballymena farmers at the Hill Farm at Glenwherry are allowing people to visit as part of Open Farm Weekend 2015.

The Bank of Ireland Open Farm Weekend is a high profile event which will connect consumers with farmers, food producers, processors and nature.

With interest in food production, the environment and the wider supply chain at an all time high, there has never been a better time to get out and discover the real story of local food. The Bank of Ireland Open Farm Weekend is an educational, engaging and fun opportunity to learn more about agriculture and food production, and will give a valuable insight into the story behind the food on your plate. It will offer you an in-depth understanding and appreciation of the issues facing farmers and food producers today. (Source)

After having great success in the past few years more farms have been willing to open their gates to the public to see how a working farm operates. This year a local farm in Glenwherry is taking part. The Hill farm is situated at 46 Glenhead Road, Ballymena and it will be open to the public on Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th 11am – 6pm. Here is what will be on offer:

When you come to the Glenwherry Hill farm you will see how the beef and sheep enterprises are managed, but also how they can be utilised to support and create wildlife habitats. Ewes and lambs and cows with their calves will be on display, with some of the CAFRE staff and students on site to explain how we manage them. Loughry Campus staff will be available to show how the raw products from the farm are transformed into the produce that we buy in the supermarket. You may even get a chance to sample some lamb and beef burgers!

In addition, if you wish you can be taken by minibus around the hill farm and hear how the land is managed to encourage and support a wide range of wildlife habitats. The gamekeeper will be on hand to help you identify some of the animal and plant species within this beautiful landscape. (Source) 

This is a brilliant initiative which children and adults will really enjoy. We are sure that you will have your eyes opened to how modern farming is carried out and will get the opportunity to watch how your food is processed from farm to fork. For more information about Open Farm Weekend click here to visit the website.