This Thursday at Ballymena Today we want to share some of our favourite books from our childhood. Why? Because we think that lots of kids out there in Ballymena shouldn’t miss out on these brilliant stories. Even if you wouldn’t call yourself a reader we would love Ballymena young people to enjoy reading these books as much as we did.

Chicken Licken (young readers)

As a child I force my family to read this book to me so much that it had to actually be hidden in the hope that I would finally give another book a chance. I have no idea why I was so drawn to the tale of a chicken who is convinced that “the sky is falling in” but it was be far my favourite book to be read as a child. Just looking at the Ladybird book cover takes me back to a better time, before Peppa Pig, and Beast Quest, before Gruffalos and Topsy and Tim to a time when fairy tales and nursery stories were well loved and well read.

If you like this then try anything from the Ladybird collection.


Danny Champion of the World (confident readers)

A typical Roald Dahl classic where the kids are always outsmarting the evil grown ups. This follows Danny and his father who live together in a gypsy caravan after his mothers death. Roald Dahl stories are always entertaining, fun and give you the opportunity to address issues as you read it with your child. This story should be accessible to boys and girls and could lead them into a love affair with reading.

If you like this then you could venture into the children’s books of Anthony Horowitz who is equally witty and adventurous.


The Chronicles of Narnia (confident readers)

The Lion the Watch and the Wardrobe is the most famous of the Chronicles of Narnia, but did you know that this in number two in a series of seven books. This series is perfect for any kids who love reading and are looking for a challenge this summer. The story follows the tale of a land called Narnia and how the Pevensie children travel there to help save the land from evil.

Reading is an activity which can help your child with communication skills, increase their attention span, and help parents to build relationships with children by spending time together. We think that the schools in Ballymena do a great of enouraging children to read and our local bookshops and the Ballymena Central Library are packed with great children’s books. Here are some great events planned by our local library.


For more help in finding book suitable for your kids, or help getting young ones to embrace reading click here to visit Booktrust.

Let Ballymena Today know what your favourite book were when you were young!