This shop window must have been like a magnet to the children of Bridge Street, Waterford – Licorice Allsorts, Mixed Gums, Fry’s Shilling and Raspberry Cream Choclate… Really gorgeous array of early 20th century goods on display here!

Presumably that’s Mr Mortimer standing in the doorway?

Date: Saturday, 24 June 1916

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There aren’t many places like this on our streets these days… not in Ballymena anyway. In recent weeks as I’ve been out and about, running, walking or just killing time around town, I’ve wondered a few times what men like Mr Mortimer would make of how shopping is carried out today.

My Grandfather had a grocers in Ballymena town on Hill St, similar in many ways to the one pictured above… I’ve seen pictures but don’t remember it. The building was flattened long ago and is now a block of flats!

F.J. Boyd… what would my Granda Frank make of the huge shopping circuses on the outskirts of our towns…hopefully I’ll be able to write a bit more about his shop soon.

Tell you what though, I bet the inside of these old shops were amazing.