This week at Ballymena Today we spotted two great Northern Ireland based blogger offering some lovely treats to their readers. If you like freebies, and who doesn’t, then read on.

Connor McCullough

Connor McCullough is young guy who loves church, his family, coffee, cycling and has a special passion for travel and photography. Take a look at his website here, and you will soon see that he is a very gifted photographer too. Connor has generously created some i-phone wallpapers from his photographs which you can download and use as you screensaver and background. Northern Ireland Bloggers - Ballymena Today static1.squarespace static1.squarespace-1

These are just a few of the wallpapers available. Click here to see the full range of photographs from Connor McCullough and take a look around his website featuring wedding photography, engagement shoots, and family portraits.

Mel Wiggins

Belfast based blogger Mel Wiggins is giving away her recipe for fifteens. Mel’s fifteen’s incorporate one of our favourite food’s – Malteasers which, in our opinion, set her fifteens ahead of all the rest. Click here for the recipe.


You still have to get the ingredients and make them but we can assure you it will be worth it! Visit Mel’s blog here and click here to read about her work for Freedom Acts who raise awareness about human trafficking and exploitation.

Coffee Northern Ireland

Our friends over at Coffee Northern Ireland have taken a break from downing coffee and writing reviews to prepare a beautiful downloadable print which is perfect for coffee lovers. The print is also available to download as a desktop picture for your computer or laptop.

Here is a little peak at it and click here to get it.


Nip over to Coffee Northern Ireland, read some coffee reviews and download this beautiful print all for free!

Please visit these sites and treat yourself to a freebie from some of Ballymena Today’s favourite Northern Ireland bloggers.