We all enjoy being treated well when we are the customer being served by a business.


When we go to the supermarket, meet a friend for coffee, eat at a restaurant, go to the dentist, have our car repaired or go for a haircut… customer service done well makes us happy and keeps us coming back.

Bad customer service can turn us off a business for years, maybe forever. It’s important.

Ballymena Today top tips for customer service done well

• Smile, it costs nothing
• Approach people, ask if you can assist them
• Give people space, don’t hover around them
• The real person in front of you takes priority over phone-calls. Always
• Customers don’t need to hear all about your personal life. Be wise with your words
• Odd requests from customers should be met with effort to help, not an ‘I don’t know’
• Ask colleagues for help
• Never talk about customers in front of other customers
• Don’t criticise or blame colleagues in front of customers
• Guys are men, don’t refer to female customers are ‘guys.’ Ever
• Be confident, friendly, respectful and articulate… work on these a lot

Customer service done well is an ever-present learning experience for anyone in business. We need to work hard every time we interact with customers and some people find some aspects easier than others.

Working with people, serving them food, coffee, shoes, clothes… fixing a car, cutting someones hair, advising on insurance…

Serving people is one of the most rewarding experiences of any business and should bring incredible job satisfaction to you and your staff. Working on your customer service will make the working experience better for you and for your customers and will be vital in the growth and sustainability of your business.

Don’t underestimate the importance of customer service done well.