Author: Ally Simpson

Distinctive Good Design

Mainstream marketing and communication is often boring. Everyone saying the same thing, using the same formula for their branding, design and communication. The same formula for the website. Posting the same inspirational quotes over pictures of sunsets or people standing on cliff edges. So much of this seems like quick-fire short-cuts so that you can simply say something… anything. This is a quote from a post on my own blog, read the full post here. Distinctive good design stands out, gets noticed, looks different. Different from what you may ask? This is the challenge for a designer. Staying ahead...

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Simple Logo Design

What do we mean when we say simple logo design?   A company’s logo is its shorthand, a visual cue that tells a story of the brand’s culture, behaviour, and values… A logo needs to be “true,” in the sense that it should not be fundamentally tied to a trend… Logos used to have to be recognisable down to the size that they would be represented on a business card. Now they have to work at much smaller sizes, because they’ll be seen on mobile screens, That’s actually the reason why so many logos have become “flatter,” in the...

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Simple minimal design

The Forecast from the editors and bureaux of Monocle magazine is ‘a survey of the forces set to shape the year ahead.’ Their predictions and ideas always make for fascinating reading. As I picked up this years edition I was struck again by the cover design. So simple. So effective. Simple minimal design isn’t always an easy sell for designers though. I wrestle with this often. Clients may think that two colours isn’t enough, or that somehow more colour means ‘eye-catching’ and attractive. That doesn’t always make sense. It certainly isn’t always true. The Forecast cover is a fabulous...

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Good Design

There’s a difference between good design and nice design. Effective design is probably different again but with elements of good and nice maybe present. That said, a lot of design is subjective. In an ongoing series of posts here at Ballymena Today, I hope to unpack some of my own experience as a designer. There will be inspiration, ideas and challenges along the way as we look at various types of design. My main aim is to provide useful information. Designing for a range of different clients can be challenging but also rewarding. People have such varying opinions on...

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The unfair advantage

  Here’s a sign I’ve never seen hanging in a corporate office, a mechanic’s garage or a politician’s headquarters: WE HAVE AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE: We care more. It’s easy to promise and difficult to do. But if you did it, it would work. More than any other skill or attitude, this is what keeps me (and people like me) coming back. – from Seth’s Blog here. I’m sure you know businesses and organisations that you support often because they care about what they do. They care about the product, customer, service, relationship and outcome. They aren’t only about money...

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