Here at Ballymena Today Instagram is one of our favourite places to find inspiration and currently some of our favourite stylish snaps are coming from Northern Ireland. Fashion, design, interiors – we love seeing locals doing it well and we are excited to share our must follow Instagrammers from Northern Ireland – hit follow now:

1/ Sara O’Neill. Sara’s Instagram is an absolute treat fro any fashionista, designer, or landscape lover. Her work has been on our radar for a few years now and one of her beautiful scarves has been top of my wish list for a while now. Take a look at her snaps to see why. Sara is a stylist, illustrator and all round creator and if you would like to find out more about her you can watch a great video here.

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2/ Brown Paper Packages. The Browns love prints, paper and design and this shows from this pretty Instagram account. We have fallen in love with their little bird prints which are just beautiful. Their prints are on sale from the Brown Paper Packages online shop which you can see here.

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3/ Oscar & Oscar. Oscar & Oscar are architects who have a special place in their heart for beautiful interiors. They love scavenging for beautiful unloved pieces and finding them the perfect setting in a new home, or business. They are an exciting design duo and we never tire of their design driven Instagram account.

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4/ Little Wood Life. Speaking of interiors if you had something more country / romantic in mind then head over to take a look at the photographs of Emma at Little Wood Life. Her blog Life at the Little Wood chronicles her life as a mum in Northern Ireland.

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We could go on and on but we think that will do for now. It is wonderful to acknowledge the individuals who are inspiring people in Northern Ireland and beyond. We are encouraged to see such talented people finding their place online, and in business. Please enjoy following these local talents and let us know where you turn to for your Northern Ireland Style inspiration.