In Ballymena Turning Point NI is community network which helps anyone who has been having suicidal feelings and thoughts. Turning Point NI is a place where people can get help, talk and be supported through this very difficult time. Next week they have several event planned which we wanted to share here.

Next week at Turning Point NI in Ballymena


The issue around suicide and suicidal ideation not only effects people with mental health problems but it also effects the everyday person who maybe struggling financially, through relationship breakdowns, substance misuse and other daily life events which may occur. Turning Point NI will offer a service which supports and comforts on a 1:1 basis either on the telephone or through a walk-in service, to help people manage when in crisis. (Source)

If you know someone who might benefit from a trip to Turning Point NI then share this with them. Turning Point NI is located on Mill Street in Ballymena and the volunteers would be delighted to meet you.