Running shoes are available In Ballymena from lots of different sports stores. One locally owner shop, Style ‘n’ Sport current has some great running shoes on sale which are perfect for experienced, or beginners. Style ‘n Sport recently shared this New Joma Ladies Running shoe which is on sale for only £39.95.

Running Shoes in Ballymena


Park Run Ballymena

Ballymena has a wonderful Park Run which happens at the Ecos Centre every Saturday morning and is organised by Ballymena Runners. It is a brilliant all age family event and draws a massive crowd which included serious runners and those who are only starting out. The Ballymena Runners run lots of events and help encourage beginners with their Cosy couch to 5K programme. Lots of people have joined in and if you are finding it difficult to stay motivated here are some tips from Buzzfeed:

1/ Set Realistic Expectations – If you are only beginning then don’t sign yourself up for a 5k run in your first week. It may take a while to get to grips with getting your pace right, breathing and basically increasing your fitness levels. Nothing is more discouraging that failing before you have proper given yourself a chance.

2/ Invest in high quality running shoes – The first thing, and the only thing that you need to buy for running is a pair of good trainers or running shoes. Forget about expensive kit, GPS watches and heart rate monitors – to begin with just buy the bare essentials and get the best that you can afford. Make sure that they are the right size and ask for help when you are buying them to make sure you get it right first time.

3/ Absolute beginners should start with lots of walking – If you aren’t very active and are trying to make a complete lifestyle change then factor in lots of walking and work your way up to a short jog. Experts recommend one minute brisk walking, followed by one minute of jogging fro 10 -15 minutes.

4/ Do not go hard or go home – There are three C’s of easy running: comfortable, controlled, and conversational. That means that when you are starting off you shouldn’t push yourself so hard that you are wrecked. Running shouldn’t be uncomfortable and pushing yourself could cause injuries.

To read all 17 point at Buzzfeed click here.

If you are from ballymena and are interested in taking u running you can find out more about the Ballymena Runners here, and the Ecos Parkrun here. If you need advice about running shoes call in with Ballymena Business Style ‘n’ Sport on Church Street Ballymena.