Journalism Students from Dunclug College have joined the Ballymena Today team to offer their wisdom, advice and help to other Ballymena Students. Kirsty Mark from Dunclug College writes : How to survive school until summer


More coursework, less time! These 3 methods of survival will help with the struggle of getting to the summer holidays!
School can be extremely tiring- a productive day is an exhausting day. It can be difficult to see the light and the end of the tunnel, at the end of the coursework filled tunnel. Any A-level student knows the harsh reality of school and how it adopts any free time possible. With only a month into school you are searching for the next break, well here is how you can survive until then.

  • First of all, keep on top of everything.

UntitledNo one wants to spend their weekends catching up on late assignments that could have been completed easily if you would have the motivation. Ensure all coursework is completed in time, this allows time to correct any mistakes and improve the next draft. If you keep on top of all assignments you may just have the whole week to sleep, and sleep… and sleep more.

  • Next you must plan ahead!

If you don’t plan when it comes to getting through school then you will get overcrowded with work. Always use your planner, it’s key to achieving the best possible results. If you plan and organise then you can set dates to spend solely on coursework, and other dates on free time. This allows time for both social and school life. If you plan and organise your work you will definitely survive until summer.


  • Enjoy school.

This may seem unorthodox and completely impossible, however if you have a positive attitude the day will go quicker. If you take every class with a positive mind you will be a happier person. Vision every piece of homework/ coursework /assignment/practical work as one step closer to a break- summer! If you chose to be a happier person you will begin to take into consideration how school is helping you achieve that career you’ve dreamed of.
These simple steps will help you on your way to summer break. Stay busy, organised and happy and you will feel the warmth of the sun in no time.

Thanks to Kirsty Mark from Dunclug College for writing for us here at Ballymena Today.