LLCrafts hand paint the most beautiful milkchurns and here is another special commission called Poppies and Butterflies. We think that this is beautiful and that a hand painted gift is a brilliant idea as it is unique, and can be personalised making it very special.

This customer came the whole way from ‘Five Mile Town’ in Co.Tyrone to visit us and place their personal order! ….. and it was a pleasure to paint their churn.

Commissioned Milkchurn from LLCrafts

Contact Louise Lester at LLCrafts to place your own hand painted Milkchurn Order. If you have a churn Louise can paint it, or she can even provide a milkchurn if you don’t already have one.

Anything painted onto anything at LLCrafts

If a milkchurn isn’t quite what you want then Louise has lots of other ideas which might be perfect for you. Just take a look below at some of her work.

Commissioned Milkchurn from LLCrafts

We especially love that Massey Ferguson which has been painted onto a shovel – fantastic! If you would like to know more about Louise’s work at LLCrafts then click here to visit the LLCrafts website and keep up to date with Louise’s work, news and classes by clicking here to follow the LLCrafts Facebook page.