Grove Veterinarian Centre in Ballymena carry out microchipping for your pet. Microchipping is a vital procedure and any responsible pet owner should know if their pet is microchipped or not. Read the information which Grove Vets blogged about last month:

Microchipping at Grove Vets – Ballymena

At Grove Vets we recommend microchipping your pet. Recently we blogged here about how we often use Facebook to reunite lost pets with their worried owners. However, if a pet is chipped and the details are kept up to date the process of uniting cats and dogs with owners in made much easier.

NiDirect have very clear rules and advice about microchipping you dog in particular. If you are a dog owner pleas read the information below.

  • Microchipping
    All dogs in Northern Ireland must be microchipped at eight weeks old. All dogs must be microchipped before an owner applies for a dog licence.
    Dog owners are responsible for ensuring that the contact details held against their dog’s microchip number are accurate. If the details are not accurate, the dog is not considered as microchipped and the dog licence will not be valid.


  • Dog collars and identification
    Dogs, other than those mentioned below, must wear a collar with the owner’s name and address inscribed on it, or on a plate or badge attached to the collar.
    Failure to ensure that your dog wears the appropriate collar identification is an offence which could result in a maximum fine of £1,000.
    Collar tags are not needed for:
    a dog which is a member of a pack of hounds
    a dog being judged in a competition
    a dog is being used for any sporting purposes, the capture or destruction of vermin or for the purpose of driving or tending sheep or cattle

You can read much more here.

Microchipping at Grove Vets - Ballymena

Inexpensive and almost painless; Microchipping involves the implantation of a tiny electronic microchip between your pet’s shoulder-blades. This permanently identifies your pet as belonging to you and helps to ensure the return of hundreds of lost or stolen pets every year to their rightful owners.
Please call Grove Vets in Ballymena to arrange for your pet microchipping and please remember to keep your details up to date. Click here to visit the Grove Vets website.