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Kennel cough advice – Grove Vets Ballymena

In Ballymena a kennel cough outbreak has broken out. Just as us humans are all catching the terrible flu that has been going around several dogs in the Sentry Hill area have been feeling poorly too. Grove Vets in Ballymena have been dealing with several cases of suspected Kennel cough and we wanted to update you with some information incase you are worried about your dog.

Kennel cough advice - Grove Vets Ballymena


Symptoms of kennel cough are often a harsh hacking cough, with some dogs coughing so severely they bring up a clear, frothy fluid. Please look out for the following symptoms:

The classic symptom of kennel cough is a persistent, forceful cough. It often sounds like a goose honk. This is distinct from a cough-like sound made by some dogs, especially little ones, which is called a reverse sneeze. Reverse sneezes can be normal in certain dogs and breeds, and usually only indicates the presence of post-nasal drip or a slight irritation of the throat.  

Some dogs with kennel cough may show other symptoms of illness, including sneezing, a runny nose, or eye discharge.

If your dog has kennel cough, he probably will not lose his appetite or have a decreased energy level. (Source)

Treating and Preventing Kennel Cough

Kennel cough can be contagious. If you think your dog might have kennel cough, please keep them away from other animals and contact your veterinarian.

Grove Vets in Ballymena highly recommend kennel the cough vaccination to try and reduce the chance of catching this, and although some dogs will still get kennel cough even if vaccinated, the symptoms are much less severe and last a shorter time. Book your dog in for their kennel cough vaccination now in Grove Vets Ballymena – call 028 2565 6023 for an appointment.