Buying Sunglasses is a bit of a mine field. I recently found my dream pair in a high street fashion shop in Ballymena town centre but left them behind because I was unsure if they were the right type for me or if I was in danger of damaging my eyes. So I have carried out some research and had a browse around Ballymena to help me know what is best for next time.

Buying Sunglasses – Ballymena

1/ Check if they filter out UV Rays – Excessive exposure to some UV rays can damage eyesight permanently. Many cheaper (and sometimes dearer) sunglasses have cheap tinted frames which won’t block out these natural rays and could cause you problems in the long run. The good news is that you can look for CE, UV 400 or British Standard Mark. This ensures your sunglasses provide adequate UV protection. The British Standard sets performance levels for quality, strength, stability, design and manufacture as well as the amount of UV they let through. (Source)

Try not to purchase sunglasses without this safety standard and certainly don’t spend a lot on money on a pair unless they are keeping your eyes safe.


2/ Try lots of different shapes on.

I’ll be honest – I have never understood what shape my face is meant to be and what frames will suit me best. I’ve always found that the best way to find the right glasses is to try them on again, and again, and again. Take a friend with you or take lots of selfies with your phone before you choose the one to spend your cash on. Over the past few years the rules have been the bigger the better however lately more sleek cats eye frames have become more popular – be careful though they are hard to pull off. Best opt for a classic shape such as Wayfarers or Aviator styles. These are also the best to buy if you are spending a lot of money of your frames as they shouldn’t date.

3/ Check out your local opticians.

In Ballymena there are lots of local opticians who stock a range of sunglasses. If you don’t already have glasses then maybe you would never think of checking the optician for sunnies but they often cary exclusive brands and deals. The lenses don’t have to be prescription – you can buy a pair straight off the shelf. Here are two deals that I spotted in town this month.

Fitzsimons Optician Ballymena  are having a Ray-Ban Sunglass Sale – Newly refreshed Ray-Ban stock with a 15% reduction on ALL stock. Click here to follow Fitzsimons Opticians on Facebook. 

Also if you do already use glasses Waveney Eyecare are offering free Sunglasses lenses when you buy Varifocals. Click here to follow Waveney Eyecare on Facebook.

So don’t grab the first pair of fashion sunglasses that you think you like. Take time to shop around in Ballymena and get the best for your money and for your eyes.