Steve-SnodgrassRecycling in Ballymena is made easier with the “What you can recycle” information share on the nidirect website. Here are their helpful hints in recycling.(Photo Credit: Steve Snodgrass; Creative Commons).

What you can recycle

Your local council will be able to tell you what recycling services and facilities are available in your area.. Most councils are able to recycle paper, glass and plastics, and some also collect metal and organic waste. Recycling banks and bins usually show pictures of what you can put in them.

Many items in the kitchen are recyclable, including:

  • plastic bottles such as milk, water and cleaning product bottles
  • glass bottles and jars (but no cookware or pyrex)
  • cardboard, such as frozen and dry food boxes and sleeves.
  • plastic food trays and wrappings are sometimes recyclable, so check the packaging for more details

Don’t forget you can also recycle items from the other rooms in your house, including:

  • in the bathroom, rinsed shampoo and shower gel bottles, cardboard packaging and toilet roll tubes
  • in the bedroom, packaging from toiletries and make-up, and unwanted clothing
  • when you’re doing the laundry, washing powder and liquid containers

You can also recycle clothes and shoes, batteries, mobile phones and printer cartridges. If you are interested in finding out more about recycling and what happens when you rubbish is recycled we reccomend to pay a visit to which is full of some great information. In Ballymena the Household recelying centre is located on the Waveney Road and has helpful staff who will make sur ethat your items go into the right recycling bin. Click here for more information on recycling in Ballymena.