Northern Ireland farming website is packed with helpful advice and fact sheets to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe on the farm. You may have seen the FarmSafe advertisement which has been running on Northern Ireland television since 2013.

FarmSafeNet say:

FarmSafeNet brings together a range of useful resources and practical information together with real life survivor stories (courtesy of HSA Ireland). 

It is part of a suite of activities designed to ensure the accessibility of the farm safety message.   It offers the opportunity to complete an online farm safety awareness quiz. 

The objective is to encourage farmers to think seriously about their safety and take practical steps to avoid accidents with the ultimate goal of reducing deaths on farm. 

It focuses on the four key dangers – Slurry, Animals, Falls and Equipment and promotes the need for farmers and their families to stay vigilant.

Click here to visit and get involved by clicking the ‘Get Started’ icon and filling out the online quiz. Also look out for FarmSafe Awareness events being run near you which you can attend for information, help and support. A Farm can be a dangerous working environment and FarmSafeNet want all Northern Ireland farmers to be informed and prepared for any situation which may occur on their farm.

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