Rural Crime is a real problem for farmers in Ballymena and throughout the UK. The BBC News report that “The level of rural crime in Northern Ireland rose by 15% last year, according to a survey by a farming insurance firm. The National Farmers’ Union Mutual Insurance Society (NFU Mutual) said the most-commonly stolen items were livestock, tractors and farming tools.”

Tim Green

With that in mind Ballymena Today want to share this information over a few articles to help prevent rural crime from striking your farm.

Today we will focus on Trailers, horseboxes and Tractors. These are an easy target for thieves as they are easy to sell on and quick to transport. Here are some tips to prevent your property being stolen;

  • Try to park all vehicles as close to your house, or in your gates farmyard if possible, and keep out of sight from nearby roads.
  • Consider installing a security light near to where you park your vehicles.
  • Wheel clamps can be used to prevent trailers, horseboxes and other vehicles being driven away by thieves if you have to leave it somewhere overnight or longer.
  • There are several trailer-marking schemes, which use either your postcode or a unique number that is entered onto a database. Write down any chassis or serial numbers for trailers and towing equipment. An event like this is being held in Ballymena soon – Click here for all the details.
  • Consider installing an alarm on trailers and horseboxes which are activated when they are moved.
  • If you have a lot of equipment parked on site, install a basic CCTV system with warning signs to deter thieves. To find out about the farmCam Surveillance system click here.
  • Place a concrete slab or something heavy across entrances without gates and lock all gates when not in use. This makes it harder for vehicles to be stolen.

If you see any suspicious activity or spot something that seem out of place always share information with other farmers and the police. That way locals can work together to look after each other in the Ballymena farming community.