The Directory Page has evolved into Ballymena Today but our aim remains the same. To write about what’s happening in Ballymena and the surrounding villages, to promote our local businesses, to help publicise events and fundraisers for our local voluntary organisations & schools and write about basically anything and everything of interest in the area. To be on the road, out and about in the communities we live and work in and find out what’s going on!



Since becoming one of the team, I’ve lost count of the number of miles I’ve been on the road around the Ballymena area meeting with our sponsors and supporters, getting their up-to-date news and information they asked us to write about, as well as taking the opportunity to explain to others what we are about……and that’s simply having a genuine interest in our town and wanting to see it flourish.

The team have come from a variety of working backgrounds. A lot of my working life has been spent in retail management and therefore realise how important it is to be building real community both on and off line. This is what we are working hard to achieve by helping to create good working networks and personal relationships with everyone involved with us. The internet, especially through blogging & all the social media available these days, is fantastic at building online community. We are rarely off the internet but at the end of the day we live in a ‘real world’ and hence the importance we place on meeting people face to face to build relationships-

we don’t live in a virtual town! It’s real people, real businesses, real voluntary organisations & real schools who need the support of their local community.


So at Ballymena Today we want to continue to write about what is happening in Ballymena and beyond. We’re going to be out and about, on the road, even more than before and doing our best to promote this part of the world we call home. Why don’t you come and join us on this journey?