Ballymena based Wilson and Mawhinney introduce the second half of buildings which have been nominated for the RIBA Stirling Prize Shortlist 2014. Click here to view the first three shortlisted buildings. Here are the final contestants;


Library of Birmingham – This bold city library flies in the face of other town and city libraries which have been forced to close down due to spending cuts and a drop in popularity. This bold structure shows that Birmingham are taking reading seriously and investing in the future generation who will use the building.



London School Of Economics – This building is all about contrasts as curves meet corners and the internals are stunning. A bricklayers nightmare this building was constructed using more special brick shapes than standard ones meaning lots of geometric angles and puzzles to solve during the building – and not a singel cut brick among them.



London Bridge Tower / The Shard – The Shard has changed the London skyline forever, being spotted for miles around. This project is impressive because of the limited space and complex engineering that went into the project at the planning stages. Arguable the most famous of all the shortlisted projects.

Which is you favourite? Who do you thin will win the RIBA Stirling Prize this year?

Wilson and Mawhinney are excited to see who wins the award this year. If you have a project and need input and help from Wilson and Mawhinney, visit their website and get in touch, T: 02825649537.