Ballymena Runners have arranged X-Country Training in Ballymena. The training is suited to beginners and all abilities and will commence X-country training on Saturday 13th September.

Photo Credit: srgpicker; Creative Commons

Photo Credit: srgpicker; Creative Commons

This training is aimed towards those with some background in Cross country running or those who hope to represent the club on a team, try for NI selection at the Masters Trials on 18th October or to be successful at the top of their age group.

For more information click here to visit the Ballymena Runners website

Nick Anderson, former UK Athletics head coach for cross-country is enthusiastic about cross country running; “The undulations and hills power up your legs, and having to cope with the differing pace caused by changes in terrain gives your heart a boost. Your foot mark changes with every step because the ground is uneven and sometimes very unstable, too. It means lower limbs and stabilising muscles become very strong, and you develop a greater ability to absorb shock. Keeping the momentum going on a soft surface is hard work, so you are building muscles that will give you great strength and power.”

So join the Ballymena Runners and enjoy X-Country running with a group who will encourage you and spur you on.