Instagram accounts which focus on food regularly get our mouths watering her at Ballymena Today. Knowing that lots of students are heading out on their own to university and cooking for themselves for the first time we wanted to share our favourite healthy food themed instagram accounts.


1/ Milking Almonds is a minimalist approach to food photography. We love here rustic, no nonsense approach to good clean food.

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2/ Deliciously Ella has just finished her cook book which will be out in the new year. Ella overcame a mystery illness by redesigning her diet and shares lots of tasty looking food on her Instagram account.

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3/ Nutrition Stripped is run by a dietician who regularly plans peoples dinners with her healthy nutrition plans.

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Mmmm, we are rushing off to the green grocer to snap up all their avocados and tomatoes. Following these foodies on Instagram might not change your eating habits but it certainly will give you some inspiration for you meal times.